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About Us

Based in the heart of Bristol, Foxon & Foxon are an independent family run Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Manufacturing Company. We pride ourselves on hard work, meeting deadlines and satisfying our clients’ needs. We believe in using only high quality, reliable products from start to finish. We do not sub-contract our work, we build each and every kitchen, bedroom & bathroom ourselves. It’s the key to delivering a successful and competitively priced project each and every time.


Using the latest 3D CAD software, we can create imagery of how your room will appear. This gives you the opportunity to explore all the angles and discuss any ideas you may have. We understand the need to take into account your tastes, passions, interests and budgets, as well as the space available.


We can confidently say that the quality of our product is our strength; we promote high standards of work throughout. All of our products are manufactured in our Bristol based workshops and are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures.


We understand that you may value the appeal of a complete service. We can therefore offer supply only as well as an installation service using experienced fitters.